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第四届中泰科技会议The Fourth Workshop on Science and Technology Coope

  The Fourth Workshop on Science and Technology Cooperation 

   Biodiversity: secure our future 

      21-24 November, 2016 Xishuangbanna, China 


  In order to continue and strengthen the cooperation on scientific research between China and Thailand, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) will jointly organize the Forth Workshop on Science and Technology Cooperation -Biodiversity: secure our future during 21-24 November 2016 in Xishuangbanna China. The purpose of the Workshop is to provide a platform for strengthening the existing collaboration, to share the knowledge, experiences and practices on the research and development in the areas of biodiversity conservation and bio-resources sustainable use, and to brainstorm the cooperation mechanisms for enhancing the new cooperative research projects.  

  The workshop is one of the series workshops with aim to promote scientific exchange and cooperation between China and Thailand. The first workshop was held in Chengdu, China on September, 2008, and, the second and the third workshops were held in November, 2009 and August, 2015 in Thailand respectively. The previous workshops have provided unique platform for scientists from both countries to share their experiences and information. A couple of cooperative programs have been initiated with the facilitating by the workshop. 

  The Scientific and Organizing Committees are warmly inviting you to participate in the fourth Workshop on Science and Technology -Biodiversity: secure our future, and also encourage you to forward our invitation to other people who may be interested. 


  1. Time and location 

  21-24 November, 2016 at the conference hall of the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG), Chinese Academy of Sciences 


  2. Theme and Sessions 

  General theme: Biodiversity: secure our future 

  Session 1: Biodiversity monitoring and documentation 

  Session 2: Agro-biodiversity and environmental friendly agriculture 

  Session 3: Utilization of Bioactive Compounds from Biodiversity  

  Session 4: Biodiversity Conservation at Anthropocene era 


  3. Contents 

   a. Keynote Speakers 

  Two distinguished scientist will be invited as keynote speakers under the general theme: Biodiversity: secure our future.  

  b. Plenary Speakers 

  For each of the above four sections, two distinguished scientists will be invited to give the plenary presentation. The speakers will be determined as soon as it can. 

  c. Oral Sessions 

  For each of the session, the workshop invites free submission. Abstracts will be reviewed by a committee from both China and Thailand. Progress reports resulting from joint research by scientists from Thailand and China are strongly encouraged. 

  d, Poster session 

  For this session, the workshop invites free submission. All the posters should be designed and printed by the author. The size should be: 1189mm*841mm.  


  4. Language 

  The working language during the workshop will be ENGLISH 


  5. Important dates 

  Registration online due: August 31, 2016 

  Abstract submission online due: September 30, 2016 

  Poster title submission due: September 30, 2016 

  Opening ceremony: November 22, 2016 


  6. Program  




21 November 2016 

15:00-21:00 pm 




Waterlily Hotel 

18:30 pm 

Welcome banquet 

Waterlily Hotel 

22 November 2016 





Waterlily Hotel 


Move to the Conference Hall 



Opening Ceremony 

Conference Hall 

8:50- 9:30 

Keynote lecture 1 

Conference Hall 


Group Photo& Coffee Break 



Keynote lecture 2 

Conference Hall 

10:40- 11:10 

Plenary Lecture1 

Conference Hall 

11:10- 11:40 

Plenary Lecture 2 

Conference Hall 


Plenary Lecture 3 

Conference Hall 



Staff Canteen 


Garden Tour 



Plenary Lecture 4 

Conference Hall 

15:10- 16:40 

Plenary Lecture 5 

Conference Hall 

16: 40- 17:00 

Coffee Break 


17:00- 17:30 

Plenary Lecture 6 

Conference Hall 

17:30- 18:00 

Plenary Lecture 7 

Conference Hall 

18:00- 18:30 

Plenary Lecture 8 

Conference Hall 



Waterlily Hotel 

23 November 2016 



7:00- 8:10 


Waterlily Hotel 


Move to the Conference Hall 



Oral Session 1-4 

Conference Hall 


Oral Session 5-8 

Conference Hall 


Coffee break 



Oral Sessions 9-12 

Conference Hall 

12:00- 13:00 


Staff Canteen 

13:00- 14:00 

Poster Session  


14:00- 15:00 

Oral Sessions 13-16 

Conference Hall 


Closing ceremony 

Conference hall 

15:30- 17:30 

Round table Discussion 

Meeting room 2 



Waterlily Hotel 

24 November 2016 

Post Conference 





8:30- 11:30 

XTBG Limestone Forest Tour 



  7. Registration 

  All the participants should register online (   or fill the registration form (Attachment) and send to before August 31 2016. 

  Registration fee is 800 RMB.  

  It covers conference materials, reception, banquet, lunches, dinners, coffee breaks, local transportation. All payments for registration fees can be made on arrival at the registration desk and have to be made in cash. 


  8. Abstracts & Presentations 

  Abstracts: Abstracts should be prepared in English with a maximum of 300 words. Abstracts must not contain table, picture or diagrams. Abstracts should be thoroughly checked for spelling grammar. All abstracts should be submitted online ( or via email ( before September 30, 2016.  

  Presentations: Keynote presentation will be 40 minutes, including Q&A time. Plenary presentation will be 30 minutes, including Q&A time. Oral presentation will be 15 minutes including Q&A time. PowerPoint presentations are recommended. If you are unsure of software compatibility, please also make a PDF version as back-up. 

  9. Accommodation and Travel 

  All participants will be accommodated into Royal Waterlily Hotel within XTBG. We offer the following type of rooms: 

Room type 

Price (yuan) 

Double Room (type 1) 


Double Room (Type 2) 


Standard Room (type 1) 


Standard Room (type 2) 



  We will try to assign you a room as your preference, please understand we cannot ensure you will get the room you want, because of the limits of each type amounts.  

  Participants are responsible for their own accommodation cost. Please make payment at the Hotel Reception.  

  XTBG is approximately 60 km (1 hr) from Jinghong International Airport (JHG). The conference organizers will arrange airport transfers, and a daily shuttle service from hotels to the conference venue. 


  10. Hosts 

  Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) 

  The Thailand Research Fund (TRF) 

  Organized by: Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG), CAS and Southeast Asia Biodiversity Research Institute (CAS-SEABRI) 

  Co-organized by: Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB), CAS and Kunming Institute of Zoology (KIZ), CAS 


  11. Academic Committee 

  Chairman: Prof. Zhang Ya-Ping 

  Members: Chen Jin, Richard Corlett, Li De-Zhu, Sun Hang, Lai Ren, Ma Ke-Ping,  


  12. Organizing Committee 

  Chairman: Chen Jin (XTBG) 

  Members: Quan Rui-Chang (XTBG), Chen Ji-Yue (XTBG), Zhang Wei (XTBG), Alice Hughes (XTBG), Liu Chun-Yu (KIZ), Voravee Hoven (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand) 



  Ms. Zhang Wei 

  Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

  Tel: +86-691-8715460 

  Fax: +86-691-8715070 



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